BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterImplement FastCGI supportmaz8 years
v0.9.0.3cgit-  cgit-  cgit-  Lars Hjemli9 years
v0.9.0.2cgit-  cgit-  cgit-  Lars Hjemli10 years
v0.9.0.1cgit-  cgit-  cgit-  Lars Hjemli10 years
v0.9cgit-0.9.tar.gz  cgit-0.9.tar.bz2  cgit-0.9.tar.xz  Lars Hjemli10 years
v0.8.3.5cgit-  cgit-  cgit-  Lars Hjemli10 years
v0.8.3.4cgit-  cgit-  cgit-  Lars Hjemli11 years
v0.8.3.3cgit-  cgit-  cgit-  Lars Hjemli11 years
v0.8.3.2cgit-  cgit-  cgit-  Lars Hjemli11 years
v0.8.3.1cgit-  cgit-  cgit-  Lars Hjemli11 years
v0.8.3cgit-0.8.3.tar.gz  cgit-0.8.3.tar.bz2  cgit-0.8.3.tar.xz  Lars Hjemli12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-11-10Implement FastCGI supportHEADmastermaz
2012-03-20css: only use div#cgitFerry Huberts
2012-03-18Merge branch 'fh/mimetypes'Lars Hjemli
2012-03-18Merge branch 'jp/defbranch'Lars Hjemli
2012-03-18Merge branch 'lh/module-links'Lars Hjemli
2012-03-18Merge branch 'stable'Lars Hjemli
2012-03-18css: force text color to black on decorationsFerry Huberts
2012-03-18css: vertically align the cgit logo imageFerry Huberts
2012-03-18css: prefix all styles with div#cgitFerry Huberts
2012-03-18filters/ work around highlight --force bugFerry Huberts